About Us

Our Vision

 The Healing Centre would be aimed at families in the community who are disadvantaged, and vulnerable. The Healing Centre brings together a space for partnerships with other agencies towards financial restoration, healthy living and spiritual and emotional wellbeing.   The aim is for families to feel love and joy from attending the Healing Centre.  For them to continue to have joy and love in their lives to reach their potential, becoming fully productive members of the community.

CCHH aims to help local Harrow families who are experiencing struggle with their physical health or seeking financial, emotional or spiritual support. We advocate and signpost families to appropriate support and spiritual guidance. CCHH is launching a free weekly virtual pilot service, providing clients with 50 minute one to one calls with professionals and support advisors. 

About our Founder

Hello, my name is Michelle Johnson (Founder & Project Manager). I was born and breed in London. I am a mum of two young children, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 6.  I am married to Simon Johnson, who is a curate and spiritual adviser on the Caring and Community Hub Harrow (CCHH) project. I am currently working as a Drama Therapist Supervisor.  I am also a trained Youth Worker. Hence my knowledge and expertise on spiritual and emotional care.

 “I hope to support other families across London with their quality of life in the same way our family has been greatly supported.”

I can provide information and support on various aspects of your special educational needs and disability journey as we have a son with additional needs.   I am particularly knowledgeable about the foster care system and would be able to help you liaise with key professionals to access appropriate support and provision for your family in any borough of London and Greater London. I have a passion for community service and empowering families to find their strength and live the life they always dreamed of. I am a practicing Christian and a proud to have Irish roots.

Contact me for further information at thehealingcentre@gmail.com.

The Ethos

The Healing Centre has been born out of a vision that was given to Michelle, 20 years ago at a roadshow in Bath.   God spoke to Michelle about families needing a multi-agency based Healing Centre aimed at providing a range of services under one building which are free. Subsequently, The Caring and Community Hub Harrow (CCHH) was born out of God saying that I needed to set up a mini-project to support vulnerable local people.

Part of the ministry of the Kingdom through the church, is to reach out and bring holistic healing to those both in and outside of the church.   

We as the church need to reach out to the community and minister to the body and mind and spirit.  Therefore by using these techniques, we can start to see a holistic Kingdom extended.  Adding new and complementary facets to the kingdom ministry Church. 

Organisation such as NHS and health are overstretched. These Advocates, all being under one roof – will help stop families getting lost/fragmented in the system. Families need to be heard and supported in their community. Data will be provided from professionals to confirm this in the borough of Harrow.

 We welcome other passionate community volunteers to share in my vision and join the team to make this happen.