Caring Community Hub Harrow

What is the Caring Hub?

CCHH aims to help local families who are experiencing struggle with their physical health or seeking financial, emotional or spiritual support. We advocate and signpost families to appropriate support and spiritual guidance. CCHH is launching a free weekly virtual pilot service, providing clients with 50 minute one to one calls with professionals and support advisors. 

The pilot scheme runs weekly from the 14th October to 18th November. (Flexibility can be arranged per client and volunteer requests).



Who are we?

CCHH is a collective of volunteers following their Christian beliefs to help support vulnerable local people. Our team includes professional doctors, therapists and specialists whom deliver the service. 

Our Founder Michelle Johnson has created CCHH as a wing of The Healing Centre. To find out more please watch her welcome video or do not hesitate to contact us.



How can I access the Hub?

Everyone is welcome to take part in CCHH. We are here and dedicated to help you. From any walks of life, any belief and any where in the world (beyond our Harrow community).

To be a client, local residents can either complete a self referral or be referred via a refferal partner.

Referral partners include local churches, direct contact from street outreach, schools recommendation, and any family services. 

To download the referral form please Client Refferal Form and email it to us

Meet our voluntary team:

The members of the team involved in this project includes:

Volunteer Role

Adam Kishtainy


Cynthia Sarpong

Medical Advisor

Derek Taylor-Mew

Book Keeper

Eleanor Nelson Milacic

Mental Health Adivsor

Fatima Sanyang

Financial Advisor

Love Nelson

Listening Miacic

Michelle Johnson

Project Manager

Miram Ramos

Listening Ear

Mohan Seevaratnam

Medical Advisor

Monika Ptasinska

Mental Health Advisor

Naomi Kennard

PA and Adminstrator

Nita Nathaniel


Parveen Aalem

Listening Ear

Penny Wright


Rachel Matthews


Simon Johnson

Spiritual Advisor

Sindu Sapru

Medical Advisor

Vicar Ian Dowsett

Vicar of St Paul’s Church


How can I get Involved?

Want to get involved then please don’t hesitate to contact us! Whatever your skillset is, we want your help. We are seeking professionals with christian core values, whom can assist support with physical health, legal advocacy or financial advice. Please call 07725 40173 or email us at .



Policy and Procedures

Please see the following for more information:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Health and Safety

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the service will be delivered virtually. All meetings have either been online or considerate of social distancing.



Our Ethos

Born out of christian values to have an impact local community our ethos is to provide everyone to the support and guidance they need. The Caring and Community Hub Harrow Project is supported by and in collaboration with St Pauls Church, Harrow.

“Life in all its fullness” John 10.10



A word from our Founder

The CCHH was born out of God saying that I needed to set up a mini-project to support vulnerable local people. Part of the ministry of the Kingdom through the church, is to reach out and bring holistic healing to those both in and outside of the church.

I have carried a long term vision and conviction that there should be a range of services under one roof so that families or parts of families attending the Caring Community Hub Harrow can be assisted with physical, emotional and financial difficulties. Over the last year since I have been worshipping here at St Paul’s South Harrow, I believe the Lord is asking me and others to start the pilot project Caring Community Hub Harrow here in order to serve the community.


Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at