Services for Families

We hope to provide the following services to support families.

  • Financial advocates:

These are professional/experienced people who have worked with families with financial difficulties.  They will be listening to you to aid you to talk about your financial difficulties and signpost and advise you on the next steps in your difficulties.  Such as speaking to Christians Against Poverty or Foodbank

  • Health advocates:

These are professional people who will signpost and give advice regarding families’ health issues.  This could be related to their body and organisations that could help them in their specific area.  They will be working alongside other professionals in the area.

  • Psychological advocates

These are professionals such as therapists and counsellors who will listen and hear about your emotional needs to equip you to take the next steps to move forward with any emotional difficulties you may be having.

Spiritual advocates

  • These are spiritual directors/ priests/ curates who will listen to you regarding your spiritual journey and pray with you and signpost and direct you to other professionals as necessary. Such as:

Careers advocates

These are professionals who will signpost and advise you regarding career paths and how to get on courses and highlight steps forward to helping you find the job that interests you.

All these people will be listening/praying/ signposting to other services in the community in order to help families with their difficulties.


Services for Professionals

Training for professionals/parents. We will also be running programmes for professionals and parents such as:

  • Effective listening/communication skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Fostering/Adoption seminars
  • Your body/your self-esteem.

For more information please contact us: